Music festivals in Praia

Praia on the island of Santiago is shortly to be host to two music festivals. Between 01 April and 04 April there will be the 10th Atlantic Music Expo. That will be immediately followed by the Kriol Jazz Festival between 04 and 06 April. So two significant music festivals in Cape Verde in April.

The Atlantic Music Expo (AME) has become an important event and this year it will include Cape Verdean artists such as Katia Semedo, Zubukilla Spencer, Manu Reys and Dj Sarumawashi. International artists will include Giuliano Gabriele from Italy, Ana Setton, Camila Reis and Dend from Brazil and artists from Japan, the USA, Portugal, Angola and Venezuela. AME includes conferences, workshops, meetings, as well as the musical events. The location of the events is around the Plateau area in the centre of Praia, including Placa Albuquerque, the Palacio da Cultura and Rua Pedonal.

The Kriol Jazz Festival brings together music from different origins. Artists appearing come from many countries including Spain, Mali, Ghana, Cuba, USA, Brazil and of course Cape Verde. The aim of this festival is to promote Creole (Kriol) music. The venue is Praça Luís de Camões in Praia, which is also in the Plateau area.