Cabo Verde football team 2024

Cabo Verde football success – we congratulate the Blue Sharks for getting to the quarter finals of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). Unfortunately South Africa proved too much for them, but they had done a great job to get that far. They almost conquered South Africa, but the game went to extra time and then to a penalty shoot-out. The South African goal keeper was just too good and saved four of Cape Verde’s penalties. South Africa won the penalty shoot out 2-1.

Cape Verde is one of the smallest countries (population only about 550,000) in the competition. The Cabo Verde football success has been a matter of great pride for the country. It also seems to have stunned some of their opponents and surprised the Europeans who were watching the game. The team has some top class players. Some of them, including Ryan Mendes and Fatih Karagumruk, now believe that the Cape Verde team should aim to qualify for the World Cup. They are proud to have shown that they can play superb football and deserve to be on the world stage.