Beach on Maio island

At a recent awards ceremony in Portugal, Cape Verde was voted as the best international destination in 2023. The awards are organised by Publituris Portugal and the ceremony was held in Alcobaça, Portugal.

For the 2023 awards, Publituris had 174 nominations in 22 categories, these were selected by Publituris. A jury of experts in the Portuguese tourist industry had 45% of the votes; subscribers to the company had another 45% and then subscribers to the daily newsletter had 10%.

The categories included Best Airline, Best Tour Operator, Best Cruise Line, etc., in addition to the Best international Destination. Cape Verde was nominated in this latter category along with Dubai, Spain, Maldives, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Thailand and Turkey. This was stiff opposition for this small country in the middle of the Atlantic, but competition that Cape Verde beat.