Carlos Santos, Minister of Tourism and Transport, has announced the government’s wish for more integrated domestic transport. This will involve air, sea and land transport. The Minister stated that ‘The aim is to find ways and finding solutions for greater integration of the three modes of transport’. A more integrated transport system will benefit residents and tourists, making it easier to move around islands and between the islands. Domestic travel has been unreliable and so any move to improve things is welcome. Mr Santos stated that steps had already been taken to improve the efficiency of domestic air travel. Further reviews are in progress around the legislation concerning air travel.

Whilst a large proportion of tourists visit either Sal or Boa Vista, there are great touristic opportunities on all of the other islands. Having an efficient, integrated domestic transport system would make it much easier for people to visit the other islands. Tourism has increased significantly since the Covid pandemic. In 2022 it was reported by the Minister that there were 835,000 tourists in 2022. That number exceeds the pre-pandemic levels.